Our Mission, Vision, & Values

Our Mission

The mission of the MEC is to empower, encourage and educate all Montana families with children and young adults with disabilities.

Our Vision

We envision that individuals and families with children and young adults with disabilities will have the information, resources and support they need to make informed and empowered choices.

Our Values

MEC’s values are as follows:
  • MEC believes that families are the most knowledgeable about their children because they have the most significant influence and direct impact on their children’s lives. Enabled through information, training and skills, families can, do and will make good decisions to assist, support, and empower their children.
  • Families and individuals with disabilities are a necessary component in policy-making decisions that directly affect them.
  • The community is enhanced by the integration, engagement and participation of all children and adults.
  • All children and young adults can learn and have the right to participate in their schools and communities.
  • Families should be supported and positively enabled so that they can nurture their children.
  • Individualization of services is needed to meet the unique needs of individuals.
  • There should be high expectations for individuals who are experiencing a disability.  Collaborative efforts among parents, professionals and people with disabilities are necessary for success.
  • The use of language about families and people with disabilities should be respectful and in recognition of their dignity and rights as full citizens and equitable human beings.
  • Individuals, families and educators are more confident and successful when they have access to current information from evidence-based practices which empower them to implement and put such practices into action.